Apr 17, 2011

Passover: Is it This? Passover

Passover, a week-long Jewish holiday, Egypt, the exodus from slavery in ancient Israelites to remember, fetes seders (called Passover begins this year on Tuesday, April 19) at dinner the first night or two to develop. Dietary restrictions are concentrated in the Passover (the most obvious is that the dough not allowed), the Passover meal is considered a necessary pastime. Spirituality out, it is a great gourmet business. The following Los Angeles have the best spots to grab some delicious Passover things, whether you are eating at home or in the city.
A federal judge said that the Election Committee, changes the Passover, on the last day of the election date will force the District of Columbia.

In response to a hearing on April 15 Judge Emmet Sullivan, Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld Ohev Sholom Synagogue in Washington, said in its lawsuit, the District of Columbia Election Commission observant Jewish efforts to expand opportunities for American voters to vote early, A simple user committee members Sue, both members of the Board of Education, a special election is not enough.

Herzfeld said he hoped that the Election Committee in action on April 26 voted to change the date or two hours 22:00, enhanced by, he and his followers to vote in person on election day.

The judge also choose a way to extend the time rejected the request. He struggled with Passover only a "limited liability", and early and absentee voting options is enough, according to the Washington Post is not.
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